Del Val Miata Club

Serving Miata Owners in the Delaware Valley Region

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Feel free to contact the appropriate members of the board if you have any specific ideas to contribute or questions.

President                                             Newsletter Editor
Chris Barbarito                    
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Vice President                                     Webmaster
Brian Bierly                                            Mike DeWane
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Treasurer                                             Motorsports Director
Virginia Weierich                
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Secretary                                              Pennsylvania Representative
Lauren Nash                                          Brian Bierly 
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Events Coordinator                            Pennsylvania Representative
Curt Springstead                                   Steven MIller
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Membership Director                         South Jersey Representative
Eugene Hahn                                        Carol Stewart 
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Member Liaison                                  North Jersey Representative
Tom Kilduff                                            Chris Barbarito 
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                                                              Delaware Representative
                                                              Tom Tantillo 

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